World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wuji qigong with Jim Huggins

Jim Huggins Offers Wuji qigong at
The Self Center Every Thursday, starting February 9, 7:00-8:00
Fee... $50 a month

Pearlan says, "James is a longstanding colleague of mine. He has presented with me at The Self Center over the past years. I highly recommend this class."

Wuji qigong is the most profound form of qigong. It is the simplest yet the most powerful... By practicing this qigong, you can bring your body and mind to relaxation and stillness.

Wuji qigong develops and cultivates the Qi energy of the body. This is done through a standing and later a sitting meditation. Standing meditation is a way to bring the body and mind into alignment of both physical and mental intent. It is a way of unifying the body and mind so that all are acting toward a common goal.

Regular practice of wuji qigong gives the practitioner physical strength, mental focus and stillness and well as enduring good health. As the body relaxes the circulation is allowed to bring fresh resources to all areas of the body. As new resources are brought to the different tissues waste products are removes and healing prevails.

Most people can practice Wuji Qigong. All that is required is that you be able to stand in place for a beginning period of 15-20 minutes. This time period will increase over time and depth of practice. No equipment is needed save a comfortable pair of flat shoes or barefoot if you like. No award poses, heat, sweating or stretching on the floor.

Group practice is advantageous.
This speeds the development process of the energy system. Wuji Qigong brings us back to our primordial state.... Our natural state where all is still, settled and perfect. A still core within us can be found and it is unaffected by the storms of life. Wuji Qigong is an in the moment antidote to stress and addresses the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body.

Wuji qigong will help you feel generally well, unstressed and helps you resist stress in daily life. A balancing of blood pressures and resting heart rate are also observed.

Please contacte Jim directly at
or call at 617-784-3509

Wuji qigong Fee... $50 a month
Jim Huggins has been interested in the healing arts since emigrating from Ireland in 1993. He studied The Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing, Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki, SoTai-Ho and Wuji qigong. Jim holds a degree in Psychology from Boston University.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weight Control Class or Forty Pounds More...

As Valentine's Day approaches, we may eat our chocolates and drink our champagne knowing that on Monday, February 27, from 6:30-7:30, you will join me to begin your transit from that which is weighing you down, to that which will uplift you to feeling happy, healthy and fit.

For those who are in, I am looking forward to seeing less of you as this class progresses! (You will be dropping weight!)

For those who are thinking about it, please let me know soon... Class plans are underway.

For those who are not thinking about this class, please think twice. They say that the American population puts on:

10 pounds from age 20-30,
10 pounds from age 30-40,
10 pounds from age 50-60
10 pounds from age 60-70
40 pounds more from when we were 20 years old!

I plan to go to at least age 100 weighing what I weighed when I was 18! How about you?

Click here to read more about this class ...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


"Allow the internal brain chemicals that relax, focus and turn on our attention, to be accessed and released naturally."

Whether your child is or is not on medical intervention to assist with focus, consider the positive, self-empowering effects of this class. They will be taught how to use their own minds to self-monitor and achieve a sense of self-worth, as they feel in control once again."

Mondays, starting February 26 from 4:30 PM-5:30 PM

$40.00 a week for group sessions

Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and Visualization Techniques

Imagine empowering your child with self-help techniques to recognize internal feelings, release inner tension, and relax.

Even more, imagine your child learning how to focus, ground and center energy.

Then see the look of empowerment in gaining a sense of peace of mind and self-control.

When you know there is something that will help your child, you know what you need to do.

Allow your child to join Pearlan Feeney-Grater, MS, CCC-SLP, CGA, CH . She knows how to help our children help themselves."

Your child will participate in group sessions to learn various techniques that are tried and true for improving awareness of self and focus.

Time will be spent to discuss and debrief weekly successes and concerns, as positive and effective suggestions are demonstrated and reinforced weekly.

Please call to see if this program is right for your child. Pass along to friends and family whose child may benefit from this program.

I am grouping students by age levels to assure a successful group session. More classes may be added to assure the right fit for each child.

Pearlan, owner of The Self Center in Winchester, MA, is a highly qualified Educator and Speech and Language Therapist with over 30 years experience working with children and adults. She is a Certified Practitioner of relaxation techniques including : Visualization/Guided Imagery, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Hypnosis and Pattern Interrupt.

In short, Pearlan specializes in both right and left brain techniques that empower your child to achieve relaxation, control and a sense of well-being, as techniques are taught to ground, center, focus for those tasks and social settings that are of priority.

Empower your child to achieve relaxation and a sense of well-being using the "whole brain".

Call or email Pearlan to register, now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mental Training For Effective Exercise and Weight Control

So, Are you with me? Huh? Come 'on! I'm in!
In fact, to be at my best for you... I have already started on my way to achieving and maintaining my ideal body weight and shape. I will show you how to do it, too.

SO... As I was saying...
Is this the year we can strut our stuff, together! That's right strut, because when I'm done with us, that is what you will feel like doing! Me too! No matter our age, size or "plight" in life... We all, men and women, deserve to feel and look our best. It is time to SHIFT together & DROP WHAT'S WEIGHING US DOWN.

So, join me, and those who have said, "YES" already. "Rising up from the Muck and Mire: Weight no more from what's eating at you." As we do, experience "weight" control effectively. We will use both Cognitive Reframing & Hypnosis, to eliminate what is in our minds that has control of our environment- inside and outside our bodies.

IMagINe learning about ways to shift out of what is not working for us, using tried and true techniques. Benefit from powerful supporting suggestions that take root within our subconscious mind, as we deal with our living/working environments to gain control of our weight. This class will cover the most recent information on why people hold on to inner environmental issues- specifically weight issues/stress & outer environmental issues-specifically clutter/disorganization. There will be discussion on nutrition, clearing and grounding techniques, brain theory, stress balancing, the impact of food on our thinking and health, Feng Shui suggestions for peaceful living, and more...

Each session you will experience a group hypnosis session that "slam dunks" what we need weekly to rise up from it all as we deserve. Power packed but all doable because WE are worth it.

Dates: February 27, March 5, 12, 19, 26 and April 2
Time: 6:30p-7:30p
Fee: $17.00 a class... Paid in full the first night.

The Self Center
805 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890

Commitment is everything, so the fee for these courses needs to be paid in full on the first night of class. No refunds once you commit to the classes, since this fee has been reduced so as not to create a financial hardship, as we create what each one of us needs to move healthfully along our path.