World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

World Hypnotism Day 2010

Don't you just love all that occurred before... during... and... after the Convention... How even more connected we all became through The Hypnotists a most wonderful site that Elsom Eldrige, Jr. created. Thank you Elsom and all of us for our commitment to one another and our profession.

So what's next?

Well for those Hypnotists who were at the Convention, it is catch up time for sure and then some... clients, websites, blogs, pods, nings and proposals. In all the busyness... There is no time like the present to move forward with more to do!

For those friends, family, and clients of ours... hold on... WE are onto something great for you, once again this year!

And what are we doing?
We are onto the Sixth Annual World Hypnotism Day 2010 planning and as we do, I say, " What else can I say about World Hypnotism day when I have been saying it all since the inception of the First World Hypnotism Day?”

Knowing I am never at a loss for words whether hypnotizing, mesmerizing or tantalizing (in a proper way, of course!), there is PLENTY more to say... And though I may be beyond words of joy for the many of you who are joining us for our this Sixth Annual World Hypnotism Day 2001 Event, I have plenty of words left to tell you about this exciting upcoming experience... But words are words...There is nothing like the real thing (baby)!

So get real and if you have two hours to spare on Sunday, January 3, 2010,(not so far away...) you can keep your spare change at home because this is free and priceless. Enough said... Join me. It is so worth it. Oh... and here's the best news... three of the four originators of FourTuned™, Elizabeth Campbell CH, CI, Lucinda Flint, CH and me, Pearlan Feeney-Grater, CH will be at The Self Center as the fourth originator, Mona Santl, CH, CI will be joining in from where ever she is ...Finland, Dubai or somewhere else, where she will hook up with SKYPE and join in with her wonderful entrancing voice...

So, "Be FourTuned™ to find your 'Mojo" at our Sixth Annual World Hypnotism Day 2010 Event. Endearing clients, friends, family and colleagues will join in for a toast and chocolate covered strawberries ... then ... kick back ... relax ... renew... Be FourTuned™ once again... better every year... Stay tuned... more to happen on that day for us all, I am certain.