World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Hypnotic Beauty

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jamee Culbertson Presents...

Inner Smile Meditation $60.00
Mondays, January 24, 31 and Feb. 7th
(add $10 for Inner Smile CD -usually $15)

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation $80.00
Mondays, February 14, 21, 28, March 7th
* Lower Orbit Feb. 14 and 21st
* Full Orbit Feb. 28 and March 7th
(add $10 for Microcosmic Orbit CD - usually $15)

Alexander Technique Workshop $80.00
Sunday, January 30th Noon to 4:00pm


Inner Smile MeditationThe Inner Smile is the most basic, yet profound relaxation meditation in the Healing Tao system. the Inner Smile meditation harmonizes the emotions and enables your body to rejuvenate itself with healing light. It calms and strengthens your nervous system by bringing the positive energy and essence of a smile into your body and through your major organs, the digestive tract, the brain and spine, enlivening the central nervous system. The Inner Smile meditation can help you handle life's everyday challenges, allowing you to stay centered while transforming stress into vitality.

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation The Microcosmic Orbit is a meditation practice in which you focus on circulating your chi, your life force through two of the most important energy channels in your body, named the Functional and the Governor channels. This is ying and yang in practice, connecting the masculine back channel and feminine front channel. This circuit is called the Microcosmic Orbit. Your meditation is further enhanced by blending and supplementing your body's own energy with the energies of Nature; the Universal, Cosmic, and Earth Forces which surround us. This not only raises your 'vibration', but greatly increases resistance to stress and illness.

The Alexander Technique and Everyday Living - an Experiential WorkshopThe Alexander Technique brings about a new and joyful experience of flexibility and grace. People experience a significant reduction in excess tension, pain and fatigue by changing the underlying patterns that can cause these symptoms. Instead, they enjoy freedom in movement, more confidence, improved self esteem, improved relationships, the power of choice in their lives and a new sense of ease and youthfulness as a result!

In this workshop we will explore everyday movements such as sitting, standing, walking, or having a conversation in an atmosphere of learning and discovery. As you learn to make more conscious choices
- a refreshing lightness of being is revealed!

Enrollment is full when 10 people register. So sign-up quickly to ensure your spot.