World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

Wish to possess, as your very own, the greatest Secrets of Hypnotic Beauty? Click on the image now. I, Pearlan, a Certified Hypnotic Beauty, vouch for this wholeheartedly

Hypnotic Beauty

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Handwriting Analysis + Hypnotherapy = H.A.H.

Wednesday, Apr 1, 7:00p to 9:00p
at Circles of Wisdom, Andover, MA

Join Certified Handwriting Analyst, Pearlan Feeney-Grater, M.S., CGA, CH, from The Self Center, Winchester, MA. to reclaim your sense of self, first hand. It begins with a single stroke and continues with words of wisdom, tailor made for you.

In this class, Pearlan will read your handwriting. Then, together, you will experience a group Hypnotherapy session to rewrite the scripts of your mind as you need and want to be. Using Handwriting Analysis and Hypnosis together (H.A.H.), this can be achieved easily and painlessly.

Price: $30.00
Phone: (781) 721-7299
Age Suitability: 18 and up

Register with Circles of Wisdom,on their web page or call them at 978-474-8010, now.

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