World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012- Winchester, MA-Pearlan’s Annual World Hypnotism Day Celebration

“Shift to Higher Levels of Consciousness as You Rise up from the Muck and Mire.” Join in our Eighth Annual World Hypnotism Day Celebration.Shhhh… Listen in… Pearlan is talking, “You have followed me each year through the doors of The Self Center in Honor of World Hypnotism Day and YOU! That’s right YOU. Your belief in what I can do for you using HYPNOSIS has allowed you to ultimately help yourself, as you spread the word to your spouses,children, friends, co-workers and even the stranger you see in need. They have all entered though the doors to achieve their ideal in their mind, body and spirit. Whether weight control, anxiety reduction, smoking cessation,focus alignment, or conceiving a child, you have seen what Hypnosis can do for you and those you recommend to this self-empowering treatment. And… YOU keep coming back for more of what you have secured for yourself… PEACE OF MIND.

So, come on back, once again! As every year since the inception of World Hypnotism Day, eight years ago, we will join together in celebration on Sunday, January 8, 2012 from 2:00 PM-3:30 PM. Imagine experiencing a group session in which you settle down and settle into a state of relaxed alertness, loosening and relaxing every muscle and ligament of your body. As you do, powerful, positive suggestions will be received by the non-conscious mind, that allows you to “Shift to Higher Levels of Consciousness as You Rise up from the Muck and Mire”- It is timely for the New Year, 2012. THE SHIfT is what we are all about in this upcoming year. Why not use our collective energy to ease into that which is right for us, as we move away from that which no longer works. Let’s shift together to achieve this goal.

Once again, allow yourself, family and friends to spare a few hours as you keep your spare change at home because this is free and priceless. Join us at The Self Center, 805 Main Street, Winchester, MA. Its so worth it. Joining in will be three of the four originators of FourTuned™, Elizabeth CampbellBCH, CI, Lucinda Flint,CH and me, Pearlan Feeney-Grater,CH . The fourth originator, Mona Santl, BCH,CI might hook up with SKYPE to wish us well. Call Pearlan now to reserve your seat: You’ll feel like you are sitting on top of the world as you shift into the right frame of mind for the New Year-

Hey now! Pearlan is ready for you to speak as she thanks Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, the originator of World Hypnotism Day… Ring… Ring… Ring in the NEW YEAR with HYPNOSIS