World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Hypnotic Beauty

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Are you sick of it, yet?"

Wouldn't you say you are sick about the weight you may be gaining around these holidays ahead? Well then cut it out ... That's right ... Cut that thought right out of your mind. Who is better than you to do this? No one! So, get with the act. Put your mind to it and do it right this season and every season from this moment forward. I will make it easy on you. All you have to do is LISTEN UP & LOOK UP with my CD/DVD that empowers you to: Reshape your mind to reshape your body.

Now, you need to know that I spent my whole summer developing this program with the experts, so that I could provide you with just what your mind needs this holiday season to be Happy, Healthy, & Fit. Read this again: Happy, Healthy & Fit. We produced a CD and Activation Routine DVD Program called:

Mental Training for Effective Exercise and Weight Control.

I'm using it daily ... I am in the "Write frame of mind" and staying there from this moment, forward. You can too by ordering this program, now, before it is too late. Thanksgiving is less than days away. Then, there are the many holidays, celebrations, stresses, surprises and more. How about getting AHEAD of it all. Take the lead. Call Pearlan and get with the program.

Mental Training for Effective Exercise & Weight Control is only $47.00 (includes shipping and tax) from now until December 24, 2007. Call or email to order this gift for yourself and others. What do you have to lose? Only you know for sure. Be Happy, Healthy and Fit once and for all. Call now: 781-721-7299

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mental Training for Effective Exercise and Weight Control

Owen Waters, author of The Shift,, writes ...

"Within you is all the insight you ever need to reach wise decisions about every challenge that you ever face. No one on the planet knows more than you about your needs, your situation and your potential to find joy in all of the aspects of your life. Basically, it all comes down to these four words: Be your own authority." So, to "Be your own authority," how about preparing for the upcoming holidays by keeping yourself in the Write Frame of Mind.

That's right! How about rewriting the SCRIPTS of your mind when it comes to health, exercise and weight control. Do this by using the new CD/DVD Program on

There is no program on the market of its kind, right now. Use it to be your own authority on what does and does not work for you in keeping healthy and fit.
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Better yet, order now in time for the holiday.
A $67.00 value that is offered to you for $47.00 (includes tax and shipping)until December, 24, 2007. See it as the ideal gift.


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