World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Self Center

Enter the door of The Self Center, an 1863 historical building with energy, spirit and charm for whatever it is you need and want for yourself (health, peace of mind, focus, purpose, success) using the sciences of Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Handwriting Analysis, Reiki , Bioenergy Healing and more. As you close the door behind you, you will walk away from all that that is no longer good for you, feeling safe, secure and protected. When your session is completed, you will open the door, feeling refreshed, reenergize, and renewed, having reacquainted with what you need and want, as you walk towards all that is right for you...That's right... Walking in your Point of Strength, with Pearlan as your guide. The Self Center welcomes all who enter, offers privacy and acceptance to all,. is nurturing, supporting and inspiring, allows others to achieve all that is needed and wanted, helps you to transcend current life challenges as you feel tranformed. What more is there?

Hypnosis = Fun

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Washington, DC 4.12.10


What does fun have to do with hypnosis?

The sharp-eyed Pearlan, yes she of the FourTuned, alerted recently upon finding a most remarkable viral video. The video shows a flight of stairs being converted into a ... flight of imagination ... by resurfacing them in black and white and installing electronics under the surface that emitted a chord when stepped upon. Voila: virtual 3 dimensional piano which played notes when walked upon. And many more people choose to walk the steps -- to experience the serendipitous and unexpected -- than to ride the escalators.

And this remarkable video, as well as other remarkable forays into the scary world of fun, traces back to a website sponsored by none other than Volkswagen. It's a site entitled The Fun Theory, a site dedicated to "the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better."

Pearlan offered an explanation of what this has to do with hypnosis by observing that they both are about changing behavior. Fair enough, but offers to do her one better. And that is, both fun and hypnosis work nonlinearly, encountering the unexpected, and engage our imaginations.

The imagination, really, isn't it a less pretentious word for the unconscious or subconscious mind?

So if our civic leaders were to design our day to day systems -- things of which we are mostly unconscious -- like stairs, trashcans, recycling bins, traffic cameras.... with just a bit of whimsy not only might these systems work far more effectively and at lower cost, not only would the government be able to give up most of its coercive tactics to enforce compliance with its ordinances, rules and statutes, but...

wouldn't it be fun to live in a city or town designed, on a routine basis, as whimsically as the Emerald City of Oz or the Red Queen's Castle in Wonderland?

Yes, I think it would. Be fun AND workable that is. Enough with both the Democrats and the Republicans. They are worse than incompetent or venal.

They are Boring!

Pearlan for President, 2012, on the Surrealist Party ticket. Campaign volunteers signing up at her page at

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Probably listening to the FourTuned 's latest hot release on his iPod.

Just having fun.