World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Group Hypnosis: What to Expect...

Last night I had an inquiry about our upcoming class.

First, I am so excited to be presenting classes once again… Second I am grateful for those of you who have already, “IN.”

People will be coming to these classes starting on October 10 through November 14 (6pm-7pm) for their own reasons, some of which overlap with one another, some of which are unique to you.

The beauty of hypnosis is that we work on the subconscious level where the root of many a positive habit of thinking and acting versus many a negative habit of thinking and acting resides... Some of this is not even your "own to own"... It may have come from the “DNA or Cell Memory” of parents, grandparents and so on...
For better or worse…

How hokey does that sound?
Hokey or not, the reality is that with the discovery of quantum physics, we know that a dominant trait or behavior that has been handed down for generations may be part of you. Now, if it works for you great… if it does not… We used to say, “That’s the way we are in my family. I take after my father or mother or other.” This is equally true with the memory of traumas, destructive behaviors and experiences that have not been neutralize. The emotions of this experience may be from your own
experience or from someone in your bloodline. Either way, when a behavior gets in the way of achieving our goal(s), be it de-stressing, eliminating fears, weight control, effective public speaking, smoking cessation,
passing a test or other, we need to deal with the information within the subconscious mind to enhance that which works for us and eliminate that which does not.

So, in this class, though there may be diverse needs, the core of what we are doing is working on your “Core experiences and beliefs” in order to reach a neutral state on which to build new thought patterns, new experiences, reference points, beliefs and “A BETTER YOU”. Though you may be at your best now, your best will get better when you address your needs within your own self center, during these sessions.

As you settle down and settle into these relaxing sessions, you become appropriately opened to the positive, supporting suggestions that assist you in achieving your goals. When I work with the group to achieve various individual goals, I am able to synchronize what I do with the group energy in the room to affect the outcomes you are seeking. It is all about uncovering the YOU within, so you can make the shifts you desire.

My task is to allow you to enter a relaxed state of alertness so that awareness increases, the moment becomes present and you are on top of your game, easily, effortlessly and successfully, no matter what goal you have committed to.

You will love it... Better yet...