World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

World Hypnotism Day Success

Lucinda, Pearlan, Tom, Beth, Mona on the computer screen!

First there was the wonderful review by Jim: Nov 21, 2008-Hypnotised by the Hostest Beyond Expectations! Jim says, "Share with all, please."

This will be my fifth year attending Pearlan's World Hypnotism Day Event. Whatever the weather to be, be sure to make it that day be it through cold, rain, snow or sleet because she will have you basking in the sunlight of your soul. Be treated to an event that is not to be missed. Leave feeling treated like royalty that takes you beyond empowerment. The best things in life are free as Pearlan will show you. Feel free to be her guest and learn what you can do to help yourself in this New Year and beyond! My spot is reserved. How about YOU? Feel Free.

Then there was the event!

The date was Sunday, January, 4, 2009 and it was once again time, time to celebrate our Fifth Annual World Hypnotism Day. In honor of this day, imagine experiencing the voices of four Certified Hypnotists all under one roof of an historical 1863 building with energy, spirit and charm (the hosts that is!) ... Travel back in time to months of preparation of a new hypnotic technique as 4 Hypnotists from Florida, Finland and Massachusetts fine tune their FourTuned™ ... A technique premiered on the celebration of the Fifth Annual World Hypnotism Day at The Self Center, Winchester, MA ... Add over 40 guests ... 80 chocolate covered strawberries, a champagne toast and of course the man behind the reason to celebrate, Tom Nicoli... and you have a room filled with people who were gratefully "FourTuned™ to find their 'Mojo' " What a spectacular event with a packed room of interested clients, friends and newcomers. Even better, think about one of those Hypnotists, Mona Santl, CH, joining in with her voice over the Internet on SKYPE ... Come back to present time ... with more in store! How grateful are we all, Pearlan Feeney-Grater, CH, Beth Campbell, CH, CI, Lucinda Flint, CH, and Mona Santl, CH to share our new technique with clients, eager to be with us, eager to settle down and settle in, in the midst of all the world's changes, to find their, peace within themselves. Even better, to be joined by both James Huggins, CH and Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI in support of our new technique honoring World Hypnotism Day. Go one step further and listen in on what individuals had to say about this day:

Dear Pearlan, Beth, Lucinda and Mona,

Thank you for the wonderful experience today at The Self Center. I found this experience of the four hypnotists at once very magical, in a way. It was a counterpoint through juxtaposed thoughts and ideas.....wanted to do it again.


Hi Pearlan,
I want to thank you again for yesterday. It was an enlightening experience as always. I probably would have went totally out if I was in a more comfortable seat. I wish I had sat on the floor. But then again I would probably have laid down? Please let me know when I can get a tape or cd of this technique. Different but so powerful. I was glad my son was there with me. He said he enjoyed it. I really hope he got it. I think he was very much impressed by you and your techniques. Thank the other Hypnotists for me.


Dear Pearlan,

I was so pleased to see you and to recharge. You can bet I am coming back next year and brining more friends and family. Loved the new technique. Put me in a perfect state of letting go. Thanks for everything! Thanks to all the Hypnotists who made this day an event beyond events.

P.S. The phone has not stopped ringing with old and new clients excited to tune-in for more!