World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

World Hypnotism Day Energy Ball to be Released With The Hundredth Monkey(s)

Ever hear the story of the "The Hundredth Monkey"? The phenomenon refers to a "sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached. The idea comes from Dr. Lyall Watson in his book Lifetide (1979)."

The story goes like this..."Watson claims that one monkey taught another to wash sweet potatoes who taught another who taught another and soon all the monkeys on the island were washing potatoes where no monkey had ever washed potatoes before. When the "hundredth" monkey learned to wash potatoes, suddenly and spontaneously and mysteriously monkeys on other islands, with no physical contact with the potato-washing group, started washing potatoes!"

Now, whether this is a metaphor or a fact, as far as I am concerned, the idea of raising consciousness through reaching critical mass(100) is worth my energy. Remember the sayings, "What you think is your reality", "Thoughts Create Things," and "What you think about comes about." As Watson writes "there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!"

So I, like many of you, have planned for World Hypnotism Day- "Celebrating World Hypnotism Day & YOU! A night of celebration at The Self Center" ... but no matter what YOU are doing on your end of the world, EVERY Hypnotist can join in our "WHD Energy Ball to be Released with the Hundredth Monkey" venture on January 4, 2008. We can all be contributors, instantly. Let me know you are in OH! And knowing that Birds of a Feather Flock Together, we read that the ENERGY BALL was actually a term used in a booklet called Abundance Hypnosis by Ormand McGill. Thank you, Ormand.

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Now, here is what you will want to do:

1. Add your comment that you are a participating Hypnotist... 100 is the golden number... Here is where MORE IS BETTER!

2. Then ... On January 4, at 11:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time, take 10 minutes to release the energy ball of your mind regarding the value of Hypnotism in 2008 and beyond ...

See us all in the professional light we deserve-learning, growing, creating, facilitating, sharing and achieving ...

Feel the passion for what we do ...

Hear your words of gratitude for the opportunity to help others as we facilitate their well-being in their mind, body and spirit.

Set your intention for your business in the New Year.

3. Lastly, say this statement: "I, ___________ (name) promote the understanding of the honorable profession of hypnotism."

(Be sure to check your time zone, since the time will be different depending on where you live.)

In connecting our thoughts (100 of us or more) at the exact time, all over the world, as only a cohesive group of professionals know how ... I imagine the new level of awareness would "astound beyond one's wildest imagination."

Mahatma Gandhi' said "Be the change you want to see in the world" ... See us in the news!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Celebrate the Fourth Annual World Hypnotism Day & YOU!

Even though you are most likely involved in holiday planning, it is time to book it! That's right. Book your night of enjoyment at The Self Center, Friday, January 4, 2008 from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM.

With New Year resolutions at the top of everyone's mind, the timing is perfect for the fourth annual World Hypnotism Day to celebrate the honorable profession of hypnosis with host, Pearlan Feeney-Grater, M.S., CH at The Self Center, 805 Main Street, Winchester, MA.

Will this be the year that you succeed at achieving your New Year resolutions? With hypnosis, you will! And knowing this, the timing is perfect for the fourth annual World Hypnotism Day, to celebrate the honorable profession of hypnotism. World Hypnotism Day will prove, once again, to be one of the most impressive displays of professionalism.

The benefits of hypnosis and the awareness of those benefits increase daily as we have read and heard the headlines in Consumer Reports, O-Oprah Magazine, Business Week, Newsweek, The Tonight Show and other international media and popular syndicated television shows. The world public is more aware of the safe, natural and expedient process for positive change, as myths and misconceptions of hypnotism are dispelled. Did you know that hypnosis is what Tiger Woods, Kevin Costner, Matt Damon, and Jackie Kennedy all have in Common? They have all used hypnosis to overcome barriers and accelerate their lives and careers.

Hypnotists around the world will be celebrating this day with special events and appearances to educate and inform the public about the many benefits of Hypnosis. What could be a better way to start the New Year than learning about the power of your own mind? Be my guest, please. Bring a friend. RSVP by 12-31-2007 Call Pearlan @ 781-721-7299