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Monday, July 9, 2007

Turn On the Exercise ... Turn Of the TV

OK ... so I believe in being active to achieve and maintain my health. I am at the gym daily. Now I begin to think about what I can offer you as food for thought, as we achieve our ideal in body weight and shape. I think about my exercise routine. BINGO...

Here's a thought: As a hypnotist, it boggles my mind that the TVs in most gyms are "POSITIONED TO VIEW" as we engage in repetitive exercise that sends us into a self-hypnotic trance- like the runners high. Now, most people are not selective about what they watch at these moments of exercise; after all we are there to exercise not watch TV So, in these moments, we are exposed to everything from food programs, to surgeries, to stories of the loved loss, to war, crime and fatalities. "SLAM-DUNK. What were they thinking?" Open mind -insert all the wrong food for thought. If people are watching TV as they exercise, they need to think twice because they are unknowingly exposing their (tranced) minds, to information that is possibly fatting for the body, toxic for the mind and anxiety provoking for the spirit.

Now comes the need to reduce the cortisol levels and eliminate the stress from what has entered the mind during this rigorous work-out. As I tell my clients, there are only two ways I know to do that ... EAT or EXERCISE. So, hopefully, they go back to the gym once again- TVs on! A vicious cycle.

My message for exercising ... Turn on the exercise ... Turn off the TV (unless of course there is a DVD or CD of mine slam-dunking positive, affirming, supportive messages about health and WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS. Ya think?


P.S. Instead of watching the TV while you exercise, how about listening to my CD's/MP3's that catapult you to sucessful thinking while you exercise... While exercisng or at rest, my CD's will get you where you want to be ... Whatever your goal(s) ... A thought. Call me if interested.