World Hypnotism Day: Pearlan's Interview

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Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 World Hypnotism Day Event- Tune in

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Experience a new and innovative Hypnotic technique that has been coined, "Hypnotic Theater" during The Sixth Annual World Hypnotism Day Event, at The Self Center in Winchester MA. Allow yourself to experience a state of relaxation seldom achieved.

Six years… That’s right! This will be the sixth year that Certified Hypnotists from around the world, in over 22 countries, will celebrate a most honorable profession, Hypnosis, one whose time has come... a time when people deserve to hear words of well being not words of woe, agreed? As we celebrate World Hypnotism Day nationally and internationally, imagine allowing the voices of four entrancing Hypnotists to take you through a whirlwind of change as they travel to all corners of your mind. Using the modalities of NLP and Hypnotic Suggestion with multiple voices, you will flow through the levels of your Chakra System as you clear, tune-up and recharge with FourTuned™ For a Whirlwind of Well Being as presented at the National Guild of Hypnotism Convention, 2009.

We say, "clear, tune-up and recharge” because as you may or may not know, Hypnosis is proven to be an effective intervention for alleviating chronic pain, regulating blood pressure, treating obesity, decreasing stress and more. Hypnosis is a scientifically based method that is clearly understood as you read about how the mind works. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind, the hard drive of your brain, where all that is heard and experienced is filed and believed to be real as it plays over and over again in your mind. You see, the subconscious mind does not distinguish between real or imagined. Therefore, what it hears, it believes to be true. If what you are listening to is positive, affirming or supportive, you are charged-up and rearing to move toward that which is all-good for you. However, if what you are listening to is negative, critical or judgmental, you will be depleted of the energy you need to move positively though your day to function. Even worse, you may draw in more negative energy, feeling blocked on all levels. When this happens, Hypnosis can assist you in removing those thoughts that block you from obtaining what you need and want, be it health, peace of mind, energy, focus, determination, etc. Even more reason to use Hypnosis to monitor what enters your mind. As the saying goes, “Change your thoughts, change your life." As you experience a hypnotic session, you are always in control as you allow yourself to drift to a heightened state of awareness … a place where you feel safe secure, happy, calm and peaceful... a place where you clear away the old outdated thinking and bring in the new uplifting mind-set. Who in their right frame of mind would say no to this experience… An experience that allows you to be whom you seem to be, to be who you truly are as you take charge of your own life, feeling happy, healthy, fit and successful. What is even better is that the more you experience of hypnosis, the more you will learn that all hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. As you “clear, tune-up and recharge” using Self-Hypnosis, you become your own -advocate, eliminating those situations that no longer work for you as you are drawn to all that brings you success. What more do you need to know? There are plenty of words left to tell you about this exciting upcoming Hypnotic experience as we celebrate World Hypnotism Day... Nevertheless, words are words... There is nothing like the real thing (baby)! So, get real and if you have a few hours to spare on Sunday, January 3, 2010 from 2:00PM-4:00PM, you can keep your spare change at home because this is free and priceless. Enough said. You be the judge. Better yet, be our guest as you tune in to be FourTuned™ with Certified Hypnotists, Pearlan Feeney-Grater, MS, CH, Lucinda Flint, CH, Elizabeth Campbell, CH, CI and Mona Santl, CH, CI who will join us from Beruit on SKYPE. Confirm your attendance by calling Pearlan at 781-721-7299

About The Self Center: Enter the door of The Self Center, an 1863 historical building with energy, spirit and charm for whatever it is you need and want for yourself (health, peace of mind, focus, purpose, success) using the sciences of Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Handwriting Analysis, Reiki , Bioenergy Healing and more. As you close the door behind you, you will walk away from all that that is no longer good for you, feeling safe, secure and protected. When your session is completed, you will open the door, feeling refreshed, reenergize, and renewed, having reacquainted with what you need and want, as you walk towards all that is right for you...That's right... Walking in your Point of Strength. with Pearlan as your guide. The Self Center welcomes all who enter, offers privacy and acceptance to all, is nurturing, supporting and inspiring, allows others to achieve all that is needed and wanted, and helps you to transcend current life challenges as you feel transformed. What more is there?