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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reiki Sessions: Meet The Practitioners


When you needed comforting as a child, do you remember the soothing touch of your mother's hand? Just where you needed it ... for as long as you needed it ... responding, securing and safeguarding ... making it all go away ... feeling important, acknowledged and nurtured. Such a natural response to touch, wouldn't you say?

REIKI, a touch healing system from Japan, uses this natural touch during each encounter with a client. Many hospitals and clinics refer to "the healing hands" of REIKI. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of the healing system called Usui Reiki, passed five principles to his students during his oral teachings.

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not anger.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will love and respect every living thing.

• A system of healing using life force energy
• A useful tool for self-awareness and transformation
• A non-invasive therapy
• Practiced by transmitting energy through the hands

REIKI is not:
• Affiliated with any one religion or religious practice
• Based on any belief, faith or suggestion


When you experience a REIKI session, the session is conducted in a private room of the office you visit. You will lie upon a massage table, fully clothed, draped respectfully with a sheet. The lighting of the room will be dim but reflective throughout. There may be music and light aroma in the room that soothes and lulls.

The REIKI practitioner will begin by explaining the seven different energy centers of your body and demonstrate the touch on these centers. It is in the touching of these energy centers called Chakras that the client receives empowering, healing energy on whatever level needed for the mind, body and spirit.

REIKI is practiced by transmitting healing energy through the hands of the practitioner to each of your energy centers. Chakras are centers throughout the body that act like lungs, breathing vital energy into our system and distributing it throughout the body along channels known as NADIS. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel, and this serves to describe the spinning motion that the Chakras employ to draw this energy into your being.

REIKI can be used to alleviate a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms by activating the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Pearlan Feeney-Grater, M.S. CGA, CH, and CertEHyp is owner and founder of The Self Center, an 1863 historical building with energy, spirit and charm. She is certified in the sciences of Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Handwriting Analysis, and Graphotherapy. She is a Level II trained practitioner of The Zdenko Domančić Method, of Bioenergy Healing and a Reiki Master who teaches and uses the Usui Method of Natural Healing, Light & Sound Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique for the well-being of her clients. Pearlan is also certified in Primary and Secondary Education and a Speech and Language Pathologist. She assists adults as well as children to achieve their ideal in their mind, body and spirit.

Andrea Charron Hachey, M.Ed., is a certified Elementary and Special Education Teacher, as well as the creator of Write Frames of Mind, a collection of personalized poetry and affirmations customized for specific requests and special occasions. She also holds certificates in C.O.R.E, a specialized method of holistic counseling, the Usui System of Reiki, Master Level, and The Zdenko Domančić Method, of Bioenergy Healing- Level II Practitioner Andrea assists adults and children to find “well being for mind, body, & spirit”.

Reiki is safe and effective in achieving the outcomes desired.

Read our Testimonials
When I reflect on where I am today, compared to a couple of weeks ago, I have to believe that the beginning of my "Shift" from negative to positive energy began with the Reiki energy we shared. Without that balancing, I doubt that I could have been receptive to all of the information and energy coming to me from outside of me. Charen A.
I had no idea that I would feel so relaxed and yet uplifted from our Reiki session. Over the last three days, I have had intense moments - it is hard to describe but maybe best to say a shifting of energy, all good feelings. I seem more grounded and less anxious. My blood pressure has been lower and more stable. I can't thank you enough for your gift. Ed P.
Just need you to know that the IBS that I have had for years, appears to be subsiding since our three Reiki sessions. Will keep you posted.
Tom W.

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